2012 is wrong! The Mayan calender ends December 24 2011 Eli James better hide!!

Published on December 22nd, 2011

The end of the Mayan calendar is not December 21 st 2012. It is actually December 24th 2011. Uxmal is the location, pronounced Ushmal, located in the Yucatan of Mexico about 200 miles from Cancun. The Maya may have been transported from Earth, only to return to seek the fate of the colony left on earth, after the mass devastation of a world earthquake. Eli James/Joseph November only has two more days to prepare his hideout!!

Found on Youtube


Eli James The Chameleon

Eli James has officially come out of the closet as a Universalist. The video posted above leaves no doubt that Eli is truly a threat to Christian Identity. Anyone who continues to associate or follow him after this proof is a fool!

The original audio for this program, linked below, was hosted at http://iamthewitness.com